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Motorcycle chain Construction and Features

Author:Tony Date:4/29/2011 6:21:14 AM

Construction and Features

Motorcycle Chains have the same basic construction and sizes as Standard Roller Chains. But they have a special width of inner links. Because of the very demanding working conditions, some Motorcycle Chains have the following special features:

  1. Strength
    Quad-staked riveting on the pin head helps to retain the link plate on the pin. Connecting links are press fit. (Riveted connecting links are also available.) Link plates are thicker (heavy) and the rollers are seamless.
  2. Wear life
    Special coated pins, sintered bushings that are oil impregnated, and seamless bushings with O-rings are used to extend the wear life of the chain.
  3. Resistance to dirt, sand, or mud
    To prevent debris from getting into tight joints, the bushings are extended beyond the inner link plates, and often O-rings are used to seal the chains. This extension and O-rings prevent abrasive material from getting into the chain.
  4. Appearance
    These chains may have special coloring, plating, (gold or silver), or glossy finish on the plates.